• Iowa Homeowners with an average electric bill of $100/Month expected to pay over $70,000 in 25 years!

    Protect yourself from the average 5% increase and save over $70,000 with solar.

Smart homeowners are using a tax incentivized solar program to save between 70%-100% on their monthly energy costs by going solar. There's absolutely NO COST to see if you qualify.
  • Solar Power in Iowa

    Last fact checked on August 8, 2020

    Finding out if your house qualifies for the government rebate is the first step. With an easy to use service like ours you can look up your address and calculate your solar savings to find out how much you'll save by making the switch. It takes less than 30 seconds to see if you qualify and find out how much you'll save and how much it'll cost you.

    Find out what solar will cost you

Average total 25-year savings?
$70,250 - $120,500
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Solar Stimulus Program


Get Paid to Go Solar

Receive a $1,000 check once solar is installed on your roof.

Increase Your Home Value

The typical solar system raises the value of your house by $15,000.

Achieve record low electric bills

Lower your monthly bill by up to 99% and save thousands.

Qualify Instantly

Take advantage of all three benefits and start saving.

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